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 At some point in one’s life,one will be required to write an essay. In academics it can be in form of class assignment or essay contests. In career life, it’s called a report. Before one can even start composing an essay, he or she must have a topic to write about. Sometimes one can be given a topic by the tutor or one will have to choose it by himself. In choosing a relevant topic one will have to brainstorm until something comes up in the mind. All in all one will need to have a topic to write about or else, the paper will not have a direction.

There are various steps to follow when composing an essay.

Decide the type of essay you want to write.

Essays can be grouped based on the topics. We have persuasive essays; in this a reader is being convinced on something. We also have comparative essays, this is a type of essay that two or more things are being compared. Another type of essay is called expository essay. In this, a given process is being explained, for example, how to make tea. Deciding on the type of essay will help choose on the topic to write about and structure your essay on the best way possible. In case you can’t decide the type of an essay of can’t write it yourself, you always can pay for an essay writing to finish a task in time.

            Choose a topic.

There is nothing as hard as writing about something that one is not familiar with. In choosing a topic, one has to brainstorm and come up with something that he or she is well conversant with. It should not be a boring topic and also it should not be a very difficult topic to understand. It should also be able to fit the given instructions.  Write down every idea that comes on your mind for future use in your essay. After choosing the best topic out of them all you are now free to continue writing your essay.


When you are done with selective the topic, some research is needed. This will help in knowing more about the topic. It will also give you new ideas on what to write about. The research can be conducted in the library by reading books and the internet can be of good help too. Interviewing people who are well conversant with the topic can be important too.

           Develop a thesis.

Thesis is the one sentence that says what the essay is all about. It is the main point of the essay. It should be broad enough so that it can have enough to talk about but not too much in that you cannot finish talking about. It is always at the top of the paragraph.

         Develop the body.

The body talks about the main points of the topic you are writing about. Each paragraph talks about a specify point. It starts by a thesis statement and then the topic sentence. This indicates that you should know exactly what each topic is all about. Don’t write to many ideas in one paragraph it can confuse the reader.  The last paragraph should be that of the conclusion. It should be written in summary.


After you are done with writing the essay you will need to edit in order to correct the common mistakes that occurred when writing. It will help check if the essay is clear and to points are also helps to know if everything flows together and if the content in the paragraph supports the thesis statements. During editing grammatical errors are also corrected.

A lot needs to be done to make it in essay writing. The good thing is that following these tips will help in making it a success.